How to Check the IMEI Number on Your Phone for new phone users 2017

acronym for “global cell station
device identity” variety) is one of the
most vital portions of records
contained on your device. way to this,
mobile networks can blacklist your cellphone if
it’s been stolen, rendering it useless for the
thief. It’s vital to have this quantity for
insurance functions, and you can also want
it in all sorts of conditions whilst you’re
contacting your cell community.
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There are all types of methods that you may
take a look at your IMEI number, and we’re going to
talk you thru all the maximum popular
methods. note that when you have a twin-SIM
smartphone, you can have a couple of IMEI
range, and if you can’t discover your IMEI
everywhere to your smartphone, then there’s a
danger your smartphone may be counterfeit. If
you want to find out greater about IMEI
numbers, what they may be and how they paintings,
check out our article about it.
methods to check the IMEI
number on an Android cellphone
The quickest technique of checking the IMEI
range on your telephone is to open your
keypad and sort *#06#. Your IMEI quantity
ought to pop up for your display screen immediately. You
gained’t be capable of replica and paste the quantity
regrettably, so that you’ll want to write it down
one at a time to maintain keep of it.
rather, or if the final method doesn’t
paintings for something cause, you could visit
“Settings -> approximately smartphone -> reputation -> IMEI
in case you’re a piece of a hoarder, then prepare to
experience vindicated for holding onto that container
your cellphone got here in! The IMEI wide variety
of a brand new cellphone is usually written on the box,
possibly on a sticky label with the barcode on it.

a little more fiddly, however if not one of the above
techniques paintings, then you may be able to find
your IMEI wide variety in your SIM card tray
or, in case your phone has a removable cover,
under the telephone battery.
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Run an IMEI check to your
So now that you have your IMEI, you need
to do some thing with it, right? There are
masses of sites where you can input your
smartphone’s IMEI wide variety – inclusive of imei.information –
and in return you’ll get a listing of exact
specs and facts about your
device. any other website, imeipro.information, helps you to use
your IMEI number to test whether or not your
cellphone has been blacklisted/mentioned as lost
or stolen. It’s usually properly to do if you’re
buying a telephone secondhand.
Your IMEI quantity is extremely crucial, so
after you find it, write it down and preserve it in
a secure region (i exploit OneNote for this kind of

if you lose your phone or have it
stolen and don’t have the IMEI for it, then
you may not be capable of get your telephone
blacklisted, at which factor the thieves have



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